On the Transept Trail

The first hike we took was an easy afternoon walk along the Transept Trail, which follows the rim of the
Canyon from Bright Angel Point northwestward, past the main lodge and toward the campground.

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Transept Trail
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View westward from the trail, near Bright Angel Point.

The main lodge from the trail.

View downward into the Transept Canyon, from the trail.

An overlook/rest stop along the trail; Anne on the rustic bench.

The view from the bench at the overlook/rest stop.

The same view from a slightly different perspective.

      The pictures of this trip are divided into several sets:

      This page: The Transept Trail from Bright Angel Point.

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      Three: Cape Final on the Walhalla Plateau.

      Four: Cape Royal on the Walhalla Plateau.

      Five: Our cabin, home away from home.

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