Views from Cape Royal and Angel's Window

After the Cape Final hike we headed out to the Cape Royal overlook and the
nearby harrowing walk out onto the rock ledge above Angel's Window.

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The first view of Angel's Window, from the road leading to Cape Royal.

A closer view from the walk leading along the rim from the parking lot.

A view toward the southeast from the Cape Royal walkway.

A view toward the southeast from the Cape Royal walkway.

Looking downward from the Cape Royal walkway.

Angel's Window from the Cape Royal walkway. Note the people on the top.

Downward from the narrowest point of the ridge (about 3 feet wide) above Angel's Window.

Another shot off the side of the ridge (there was a sturdy handrail).

View of the Colorado River and South Rim from Angel's Window.

      The pictures of this trip are divided into several sets:

      One: The Transept Trail from Bright Angel Point.

      Two: Mule Train down the Kaibab Trail.

      Three: Cape Final on the Walhalla Plateau.

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