First Trip to the North Rim

Some good friends of ours asked us to join them this year at the North Rim of
the Grand Canyon. There were a number of reasons we accepted; primarily the
fact that they are very good friends, and fun to visit with, but also the fact
that we had never been to the North Rim--despite having lived in Arizona and
New Mexico for more than thirty years and having been to the other side of the
Canyon, the South Rim, something like eight times.

So it was that we made reservations back in January, advance planning of a length
rarely known in our lives. And then in July we headed north to Flagstaff for an
overnight stay and breakfast at Macy's Coffee House (see below), in time to get
their wonderful scones and espresso. After that it was off along the second half
of the trip, the longish circuitous route made necessary by the east end of the
Grand Canyon and its deep tributary canyons, north almost to Lee's Ferry then
west past the Vermillion Cliffs then south from Jacob Lake, to the North Rim.

We would stay there three nights (not nearly long enough).

      The pictures of this trip are divided into several sets:

      One: The Transept Trail from Bright Angel Point.

      Two: Mule Train down the Kaibab Trail.

      Three: Cape Final on the Walhalla Plateau.

      Four: Cape Royal on the Walhalla Plateau.

      Five: Our cabin.

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        Macy's on Beaver Street between Northern Arizona University
        and the railroad, a Flagstaff institution for more than 40 years,
        and one of our favorite stops for nearly that long.