London to Bordeaux
August 26 to 28

We arrived in London early in the morning on August 26 and headed for France. This meant a
variety of travel modes:  (1) Shuttle and subway to St. Pancras rail station; (2) Train to Dover;
(3) Ferry to Calais.  From there we took a local train to Lille, where we spent the first night.
The next day it was an express (TGV) to Bordeaux, where we stayed for two nights.

The celebrated White Cliffs of Dover, 300 feet high, with Dover Castle on the top.
This picture was taken from the back deck of the ferry as we pulled out of the dock.

We got off the ferry in Calais just after the bus left the ferry dock, so we walked into town.
It wasn't a long walk, but a bit later the clouds you see in this picture opened up,
as clouds often will, and the last few blocks to the train station were very wet.

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On our day in Bordeaux we took a trolley into town and walked around.  This is Notre Dame de Bordeaux
the way we first encountered it.  Of course, we had to walk up this street to see if the church was open.

... and inside Notre Dame de Bordeaux, we found this elaborate and beautiul chapel dedicated to
the "Notre Dame" of the southwest U.S., Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.

Another street vista in Bordeaux, another church.  This time it is the larger Cathedral of Saint Andres.

This is the main façade of the Cathedral of Saint Andres.  Unfortunately, we could not
find any way to get into this one, perhaps because of construction.

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