Dublin to Dingle
September 20 to 24

From Dublin we headed roughly southwest across Ireland, stopping at Kilkenny, Killarney, and Dingle Town.
The weather was nice, if cold, the roads were narrow (yes, we were driving on the "other" side of the road),
and the fields on all sides were a beautiful shade of green.

The Rock of Cashell is a ruin of a castle and church complex on a dramatic tall stone outcrop.
This is the view of the complex from the parking lot.  It is being extensively reconstructed,
a process which included building a covering to keep the rain off one end of the cathedral.
We joined the group following the guide; it was the most informative tour of our trip.

On the left is a corner of the cathedral and on the right is a residential tower.
What you don't see is that the temperature is in the 40's and there is a brisk breeze.
We completed the tour because it was very interesting, but we were freezing out there!

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SW Ireland

Crows watched us from the small holes in the wall of the cathedral.

Cormac's Chapel, a small church completed in 1134.

The round tower from inside the cathedral (constrution completed in 1270, roof removed in 1749).

The Blarney Castle, a small keep that is the home of the (in)famous Blarney Stone.
Yes, we climbed the stairs to the top of the castle, but we did not kiss the stone.

Carroll Cove, one of the many scenic stops on the Kerry Ring on the southeast coast.

Some of the shops across the street from our hotel in Dingle Town, a very nice small
seaside town and the starting point for the scenic peninsular drive called the Dingle Loop.

Slea Head, one of our stops on the Dingle Loop.  At the edge of the ocean is an ancient ring fortress.

Another photo opportunity on the Loop.

Near the end of the day on the Dingle waterfront.

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