There Once Was a Group of Good Friends
September 25 to 27

Seven friends on a quick Ireland tour,
Saw Kilkenny, Killarney, and Moher.
The last day's fast hop,
a Limerick stop.
Good coffee, a pub, a gift store.

To begin the last three days of our trip we followed the coast north from Dingle to Galway, the location of the last
two-night hotel stay.  Highlights on the route were the Cliffs of Moher, the Skellig chocolate factory, and two
short ferry rides.  We arrived in Galway in the middle of the annual oyster festival, so the town was quite crowded.

On the 27th we had to drive to Shannon to catch our flight home, a very short drive, so we detoured to Limerick
to fill in some time on that final day.

At the top of Comer Pass, looking back southward at Dingle Town.

The road coming down from Comer Pass, a bit wider than most of the roads we drove on.   ;-)

The Cliffs of Moher south of Galway.  The cliffs are a very popular tourist attraction,
with a paved walkway lined with rock walls, two viewing towers, and souvenir shops.

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A street performer in front of a bank in Galway, singing traditional Irish songs accompanied
by a hand-held hurdy gurdy.

The main altar of the Galway Cathedral, which is a bit more than 50 years old and which
features a beautifully layered wood ceiling.  It carries a rather ungainly full name, which is:
"The Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and Saint Nicholas".
Not surprisingly, most people simply call it the Galway Cathedral.

The River Corrib from the Wolfe Tone Bridge in Galway (Wolfe Tone was one of the leaders
of the Catholic resistance to British rule over Ireland).  In the distance is the dome of the
Galway Cathedral.

Part of the main shopping district of Limerick, from the upper-floor eating area of the Costa Coffee,
yet another coffee chain, but one not well known in the U.S.

The River Shannon in Limerick, with St. John's Castle in the distance.

A small colorful art installation on a column in St. Mary's Cathedral in Limerick.

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