The Northern Arches

On the second day in Moab we drove further into Arches National Park again, going
directly to the Devils Garden parking area.  From there a trail winds to the northwest,
providing access to a variety of natural arches and other rock formations.

The trail starts out as a wide, gently rolling, well-travelled, soft dirt path.
After Landscape Arch, however, it takes off up a fairly steep rocky incline.
From then on, the path is often difficult to follow, and there are a number of
lengthy stretches which require hikers to scramble up or down difficult and
uneven rock faces.

The difficulty of the trails, and the absolute necessity of exploring each site
for the best possible views and other peculiarities of the terrain, meant that this
4-mile hike occupied at least six hours (but then, nobody was keeping track
of elapsed time).

La Sal Mountain from the side of the road as we approached Devil's Garden.

One of the narrow rock-lined washes in the Devil's Garden area, where near-vertical cracks
in the sedimentary rock have been widened by erosion, forming tall crevices that are anywhere
from a few inches to a few feet in width.

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The extraordinarily long and thin Landscape Arch; an easy hike from the trail head parking lot.

A small enclosed wash reached by passing through Navajo Arch.

Navajo Arch, one of the more intimate arches.  The top of the arch is about twelve feet high.

The valley floor looking out through the opening of Partition Arch.

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Partition Arch has a small extra window on one side.

The Double O Arch at the end of the trail.  In the center of the picture, you can see two people
standing in the bottom arch (that is, you can see side-by-side spots of light and dark bluish gray,
and you can take my word that those are people).  At this point, the sun is beginning to go down
and we still have to make the long trek back to the parking lot.

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