The Southern Arches

The first full day in Moab we drove into Arches National Park.  We stopped
at almost every parking lot,spending an ordinate amount of time meandering around
and exploring the nearby rock formations, often dramatic, and not all of them arches--
there were also many lengthy vertical cliffs, tall narrow pillars of rock, and broad
expanses of sagebrush and colorful sedimentary deposits.

From the Park Avenue trailhead, these imposing walls clearly define the limits of the valley.
The trail itself passes down the wash, around to the right, and over to the North and South Windows.

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Southern Arches
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La Sal Mountain to the south.  All day the clouds hovered over the mountain and gradually
spread outward; they got close, but the threat of afternoon rain or snow never materialized.

Balanced Rock and several other not-quite-so-narrow, not-quite-so-precarious spires.

A more dramatic view of Balanced Rock, from a point somewhat closer to the base.
That's Bob in the foreground providing a bit of perspective.

North Window, one of four large arches within walking distance of the Windows parking lot.

Turret Arch; a picture taken from the base of the North Window arch.

The North and South Windows with Shannon, Bob, and Anne blocking the trail from Turret Arch.

Brad, Sylvia, Fiona, and Beth taking a break on the rustic trail around the back of North and South Windows.

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Southern Arches
Northern Arches
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The dramatic Double Arch, a bit to the southwest of North and South Windows.

A view from the base of Double Arch, looking further southwest.

The colorful valley south of the Delicate Arch overlook.  We didn't take the longer hike up to
the base of Delicate Arch--maybe we should have, as it seems to be the only arch that is featured
on Utah and Moab tourist publications and on virtually all of the t-shirts in Moab stores.
But hey, there are only so many hours in the day, and we had only so many days in Moab.
That's our excuse, and we're stuck with it.

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