Exploring a Rare and Magical Region: Our First National Park

A group of our friends wanted to go to Yellowstone National park this year.
It sounded like a good idea--some of us had been there, but for others it would
be a first visit--so we began discussing timing. Early in the year was favored,
but not too early because the weather might not be congenial. Besides, the park
isn't even open for general visitation prior to mid-May. In the end, we decided
to enter Yellowstone the week after it opened.

We stayed in Gardiner, Montana, an agreeable small town immediately north of
the northern entrance to the park. The people were friendly and the restaurants
we tried were good.

The weather was chilly, in the fifties during the day and often below freezing
at night, and we experienced brief light rains and snowfalls during many of the
daytime hikes we took. On one occasion heavier rain required us to use an umbrella.
None of this, however, diminished our wonder and interest in viewing the unique
attractions of Yellowstone.

      The pictures of this trip are divided into several sets:

      One: The Grand Tetons and Jenny Lake at their feet.

      Two: Yellowstone Lake, River, and the Terraces.

      Three: The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

      Four: The Norris Geyser Fields.

      Five: The Southern Geyser Fields and Old Faithful.

      Six: The Fountain and Artist Paint Pot Fields.

      Seven: Wildlife of various types and locations

      The Roosevelt Arch at the north entrance to Yellowstone,
      just outside of Gardiner, Montana.